Healing water of Galaalty has a unique natural complex of organic substances, which makes it one and only remedial mineral water in the world receiving global recognition by urologists of many countries.

The resort has a comfortable therapeutic section, equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment. Here, highly-qualified experts in balneology will ensure that your treatment runs smoothly and efficaciously.

The sanatorium offers:
- Balneary clinic, offering iodine-bromine baths
- Water gallery with potable “Galaalty” waters
- Mud therapy
- Treatment with naphthalene and paraffin
- Electrophototherapy
- Massage
- Gastric and intestinal lavage
- Sauna

Treatment results are overseen by experienced specialists making use of the following diagnostic equipment:
- Clinical and biochemical laboratories
- Ultrasound
- Electrocardiography

If necessary, you can easily employ the services of following specialists:
- Gastroenterologist
- Neuropathologist
- Gynecologist
- Dentist

Medical indications:
- Dysfunction of kidneys and urinary tract
- Chronic pyelonephritis
- Chronic cystitis
- Chronic prostatitis
- Urolithiasis

Medical contraindications:
- All acute diseases
- Oncological diseases
- Acute myocardial infarction
- Infectious diseases
- Hypertensive disease, stage III
- Heart failure, stages II-III
- Pregnancy, all periods