Residential buildings of “Garangush” sanatorium, buried in green, meet modern standards of comfort and convenience.

The sanatorium offers 87 beds, located in three main buildings. It has 8 double suites (two-room), 1 single suit (two-room), 10 single and 16 double (one-room) standard rooms as well as 2 quadruple family cottages (three-room, designed for the stay of 4 people).

Costs of applying for a place in the sanatorium:

Here are approximate costs per person for 15 calendar days of stay in the “Garangush” urology sanatorium (including accommodation, treatment, and 3 meals a day), organized in accommodation types:
1. Double suite, two-room – 940.46 AZN
2. Single suite, two-room – 1039.58 AZN
3. Double suite – 720.98 AZN
4. Single suite (I floor) – 877.92 AZN
5. Single suite – 897.98 AZN
6. Double suite (I floor) – 834.26 AZN
7. Double suite – 850.78 AZN
8. Three-room (designed for the stay of 4 people) – 3432.62 AZN

To purchase vouchers to the sanatorium, you can either apply to the voucher sales department of the joint stock company (phone number: (+99412) 496-46-13) or to the “Garangush” urology sanatorium (phone number: (+99412) 454-44-78).

Once applied for the vouchers to the joint-stock company, you can make payment both by cash and by transferring the required amount to the bank account of the company.

Applying for preferential vouchers, you need first to address to:
- Trade union committee at your place of work
- Regional/city centers of Social Protection Fund (based on the place of your residence)